Hygiene Appointment

The Problem:

Tartar and staining builds up on the necks of the teeth over time. This can cause gum disease.

In the past, dentists gave a clean and polish as part of a check-up, however due to the irregularity of these check-ups, many patients ended up with gum disease which ultimately led to tooth loss.

The Solution:

Regular visits to a hygienist. Our goal at St Albans Dental Centre is to maintain your healthy smile and to do this it is necessary to not only care for teeth but also maintain the gums.

It is the role of a hygienist to help you with this. Hygienists are health professionals who have graduated from an accredited school of dental hygiene, and through clinical services, patient education and evaluation seek to prevent oral disease, provide treatment for existing disease and assist people in maintaining an optimum level of oral health.

The Role of Dental Hygienists:

  •  To evaluate and assess gingival (gums) supporting structures and teeth.
  •  To review medical history and x-ray results.
  •  To perform oral screening for abnormal lesions including head and neck examination.
  •  To perform scaling and polishing of teeth.
  •  To guide patient through individualized instruction.
  •  To advise on dietary influences, particularly pertaining to dental disease.
  •  To apply preventative agents to teeth and gums (e.g. Fluorides) to prevent decay and periodontal (gum) disease.

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